Patrick “P. J.” McDermott

Software and hardware hacker and advocate for software and cultural freedom.

ssic (Server Side Includes Compiler)

This is ssic, a Server Side Includes Compiler.

ssic processes HTML documents with SSI directives formatted as SGML comments. It can be used to process documents without an HTTP server for local browsing or to generate static HTML documents to be efficiently served by an HTTP server. Documents could even be preprocessed, e.g. by a Markdown processor, before being parsed with ssic.

The set of commands, tags, and variables supported by ssic is mostly a superset of those supported by the old NCSA HTTPd and a subset of those supported by Apache HTTPd's mod_include.

ssic uses the CGI::SSI Perl module for directive processing.


ssic can be found on my files site by HTTP or FTP.

ssic is maintained in a Git repository, which can be cloned from git://

Debian packaging for ssic is maintained in a separate Git repository, which can be cloned from git:// Prebuilt packages are not yet available.


This Web site is preprocessed with a markdown interpreter and compiled with ssic. Compilation is directed by a makefile that supports environments with (run make) or without (run make local) a Web server.

My résumé is compiled into an HTML file with ssic (and then rendered into a PDF file by WeasyPrint).